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Are there any places in it's foot that Palm hasn't shot itself over the last couple of years? Is the foot still connected?

It's another example of poor decision-making on management's part. The obsession with and overhype of the smartphone market seems to be catching up with Palm, and I think it all leads back to the company buying Handspring and splitting off into separate hardware and software companies. Their product lines were more diverse before the merger, now they appear to be putting all of their eggs into the Treo basket, and like the article mentions, if they cannot keep pace with RIM and PPC's (and phone companies' smartphones) with regrad to price, feature set, and ... then they will further accelerate their slide towards oblivion.

I think that if Tapwave goes under, I'll have to join the "Dark Side" of PPC's as a Mac guy and just give up on the Palm platform and rely on Missing Sync for PPC to carry me through. Either that or just buy several Zodiac2's and ride it out.
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