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Bob, my friend, I think our time has passed. I remember having to walk down to some pizza place and wait forever for the tabletop Pac-Man to get available just so I could lose my quarter too quickly. Or having to walk to some seedy liquor store to play Pitfall. Those games were absolutely the best compared to Pong or that Airplane game.

Defender and Astroids and Frogger and all of that were what our brains could process then, us having been previously exposed to D&D and reading books and playing outside (and such). Today's kids are being exposed to faster, more complex games at earlier ages and they can see and comprehend what they need to at this alarming (to us) pace.

I, too, struggle with today's games and am roundly punished whenever I try to play against today's kids. As nice as these games look, I have to honestly say that they are beyond me. I'm happy with my excellent console emulators on my Zodiac2 and my 1.1 billion ROM's. I think that these game programmers and hardware makers know that they have plenty of kids clamoring for newer, faster, bigger games and their resources are geared towards them and, sadly, not towards trying to make these games palatable and comprehendable to our era's video game pioneers.

They way G4 bought out TechTV and is thriving in providing gamer television content really shows me that the video game market doesn't need our money, Bob. Unless it's in the form of the allowance we give our kids. Then they want it all.

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