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OK, I downloaded Calibre. It seems to be easy to use. It really does so much more than I will ever use it for; what a rocketship!

I already noticed that the books I downloaded from Smashwords have "Unknown" for all the authors, so I was able to fix that. (Mysterious because the authors' names did show up on Kindle, they just would not sort by last name, they got stuck in with the other books by first name.)

Now: how do I get books to go back to Kindle, with the fixed up authors names?

I don't get the part where Calibre syncs with the Kindle. Or does it? I did not find anything about that in the video.

And, will the art that I was able to get for the books also carry over to the Kindle? <--not necessary, just asking. That part (getting the cover art and the tags) was really easy and intuitive.

I'm curious if the books will now fit in, alpha, by last name. I'm keeping them in FN, LN format, because I like it that way.

Thanks in advance.
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