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Choosing which number to use?

OK whenever I am tagging my books in libprs500 I seem to find multiple options in for the same book. Some are different publishers, some are different copyright dates. Some are hardcover versus softcover. Some are audiobooks. Some I don't even know what are.

How do you choose which one to use? Does it even really matter? I've been basically trying to choose the one with the earliest date or ISBN number thinking the original one or first one is best.

But is that the best practice? Or the worst? Should I be using the most recent on the assumption that it'll have the most up to date information? Or be most likely to correspond to a book still in print? Or and this might be the most important of all, the most likely to have a good image for the cover?

Anyway any input appreciated; even if it's to tell me not to worry about it and pick any one that you know is the right book.
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