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Merge Epubs

I own a nook and I have found that it does not like more then 1000 files on the SD card. (stupid design). So I want to merge some epubs into one file. Not the metadata but the epubs themselves. I have one author that has 47 files. I want all those in one epub with a table of contents with the synopses that I added to the metadata of each one as a link. For example:

Book 1
--This book is about blah blah blah

Book 2
--This book is about blah blah blah

I don't care if the publication dates get messed up. I want to do this with a series with books by other authors as well and I don't care if the authors get messed up. I found some threads that referenced a Python code, but I don't understand how to get it to work. I know very very little code. I also found a thread to add stuff in Sigle, but I couldn't get it to add the files.

My thought was to use Calbre to convert to another format, merge those files and convert back to epub.

If worse comes to worse, I can always copy them all into a doc and setup hyper links and then convert the whole thing. Will hyperlinks in a .doc work the same in an epub?
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