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But the point is...

Mobi PC doesn't seem to allow you to direct your eNews to the News folder on the iLiad - they have to go to Books, which is a pain. Unless you know a way around it?

Originally Posted by carandol View Post
Well now, that *is* weird. Being a Linux user, I don't use the Mobipocket software on the PC, not the iLiad desktop software, but just use it like a USB drive. The Mobipocket manual says Mobipocket files are to be placed in the Mobipocket folder within Books. I assumed they wouldn't work anywhere else. But I've now done a test, and it's quite possible to put a Mobipocket book in the Books folder -- in fact it creates its own directory, just like a PDF book does. Not only that, but you can edit the file properties, which you can't do with files in the Mobipocket folder, which makes sorting them rather easier.

On that note, I shall go away and take all my books out of the Mobipocket folder.
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