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Mobipocket Reader, eNews and Iliad

Hi, sorry if this had been answered already, but try as I might I cannot get Mobipocket Reader to send all eNews to the News folder of the CF card of my iLiad.

It insists on putting it in the Books folder, in a new folder called Mobipocket. So I can't press the News button on the iLiad and get my eNews. One other annoying thing about this is that it also sends eBooks to the Mobipocket folder, so my news feeds and eBooks are all mixed up in the same folder within Books, and I want them separate for obvious reasons!

Also, it insists on sending to the 'best location', so some feeds are in the main memory and others on the card. If I try to get it to send only to the card, I get errors. I want to reserve main memory for other files.

Can anyone please help? Much appreciated.

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