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Firmware update fail

- if you started the update but after 10 minutes you are not sure that it is in progress, you have failed. If your previous firmware will not install after 2 attempts, install booq's (also do it twice, if the first attempt fails), then yours or try again with this one.
This is exactly what happened. And i tried many many times now.

I installed/tried a lot of different firmwares, Cool-er, FR BOOK and so on. But Pocketbook, the undoubtedly BEST firmware failed to install. (You can make PDFs fit to screen, removing white borders, without reflowing or cropping the pdf-files on your computer. You can copy and paste text and notes from ebooks into your own document wich you can later edit on your computer, change fonts and add a ton of different programs, plus have different versions simultaneously of EBreader (tweaked or original )and ADE and so on, calendar, html-browser etc etc)

So, I had to reinstall the Cool-er firmware again. (Just like stated above, one has to do re-install twice in order to make it function again.)

Why is this happening? Does anybody know? The person who wrote the instructions seems to be familiar with that the installation of the firmware fails sometimes.

Things I wonder:

I don't know why this doesn't work. But it seems to be that the bootloader from the original firmware don't get overwritten, after faulty install it halts after displaying the five appearing "dots" on boot.

My eb600 is a eb600EM. Both of this models should work with the pocketbook as far as i can see, since they have both two versions (pocketbook301 (eb600) and a pocketbook301plus (eb600em).

Maybe this tweaked firmware (FR_TO_PB.exe), is just working for the 301 plain and not the pb301plus? The original firmware seems to contain hardware specific files for both versions. Maybe then just a few files from the original firmware could be used to overwrite some of the files extracted from the FR_TO_PB.exe? Plz understand that I'm just speculating now. This might actually have nothing to do with the real cause of the firmware installation failure.

Does anyone know what to do?


The Un-tweaked original firmwares on Pocketbooks page:

A forum page in Spanish that gives an slightly different overview of the installation process (that also didnt work for me). (Use google translate to read in english)

The whole tweak originaly came from this forum, that has MASSIVE amount of text about it. But it is in russian so if you like me dont understand this language use google translate: 354999
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