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Yeah, I read that too... 8 level grayscale.
16 level would obviously have been better but would come at a higher cost and probably we would never even notice the difference.
Shame though because Kindle 2 and 3 have 16 level apparantly.

We may still find that the M90 DOES have 16 level as an extra too, but I'm just speculating Actually I read somewhere that the M91s was going to have a Vizplex screen and the M90 a Pearl screen, but we now know that not to be true.

I personally intend to read mostly technical documents (PDFs), with little or no images but to people that want to use it to read Comic books the level of grayscale could matter some and may be a decider.
Even then it could well be that a 8 scale Pearl screen gives better contrast than a 16bit Viziplex screen... it's still bound to be better than the previous generation eInk screens.

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