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Originally Posted by Kameli View Post

If they sell it in EU they cover broken screens. It is the law. If it breaks in 6 months seller has to prove that break was caused by user or they have to replace it. Saying "screens only broke if mishandled" is not a proof and I am quite sure it is a lie. Even then they would need to prove it was mishandled by customer and not manufacturer, retailer, delivery etc.

If they refuse to cover it contact your country's customer protection agency. They will tell what to do.

Warrany applies if the defect was already present when purchased.
You've got a broken screen when you are unwrapping the parcel? Good!
That's a warranty case. I don't think a broken glass (and i think it's common believe that glass doesn't break by itself, does it?) after a period of use is a warranty case ar all.

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