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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post

Another thought:

Regardless of whether or not you can register your Romanian credit card as the payment method for 1-Click, there might also be geographic restrictions that might prevent you buying particular books.

These are restrictions that are imposed by the publisher, not by Amazon. The point is that if a particular title is unavailable in a given country, you can't buy it in that country, regardless of how you buy it or who you buy it from.

If your Kindle is registered in the UK, and you use your friend's account to buy books, then you will be able to buy any book that is available in the UK, which includes all the books on Amazon's UK Kindle site. But I don't know how many books would be available to you if you were able to use your own card to make the purchases.

Well, that would defeat one of the strongest reasons why I'm buying an e-book reader: To be able to read books that are not available in my country.
But the problem was solved as my friend said she is ok with me registering the Kindle to her account and using her account to buy books.
I'll probably be receiving my Kindle next week

So thanks to all who responded to my thread.
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