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Wider top and bottom margins in LRF

Hello again, everyone!

I've found that, when using Calibre to convert other book formats to LRF, I get wider top and bottom margins. However, books in other formats (EPUB, RTF), and pre-formatted LRF books, doesn't show this flaw.

We use two Sony Readers at home (PRS-600 and PRS-300). So I convert each book according to the device on which it will be read, selecting the output device and letting everything else as default. But the wider top and bottom margins show in both devices.

I tried to trim the default margins to 0.0 at top and bottom, but to no avail (though those margins actually get a bit narrower).

I would like to know if anyone had experienced this. If that's the case, is it a Calibre thing or can it be worked around through settings?

Thanks for your advice!
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