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HI Kovid: I am so happy to see you getting around to MOBI PRC's... I tested the program this morning and found that it has problems with all my MOBI files (all non-DRM'ed from a single source in .NL)

Here's the error messages:

IndexError: string index out of range
Failed to perform job: Convert book:This_Means_War
Detailed traceback:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 95, in run_job
File "libprs500\ebooks\lrf\any\convert_from.pyo", line 166, in main
File "libprs500\ebooks\lrf\any\convert_from.pyo", line 143, in process_file
File "libprs500\ebooks\lrf\mobi\convert_from.pyo", line 40, in process_file
File "libprs500\ebooks\lrf\mobi\convert_from.pyo", line 29, in generate_html
File "libprs500\ebooks\mobi\reader.pyo", line 168, in extract_content
File "libprs500\ebooks\mobi\reader.pyo", line 213, in extract_text
File "libprs500\ebooks\mobi\huffcdic.pyo", line 123, in decompress
File "libprs500\ebooks\mobi\huffcdic.pyo", line 116, in sizeof_trailing_entries
File "libprs500\ebooks\mobi\huffcdic.pyo", line 104, in sizeof_trailing_entry
IndexError: string index out of range

I hope you can fix it -- as I have 3GB of MOBI files I would like to convert!
Thanks for ALL your efforts!
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