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Originally Posted by jplumey View Post
Hey Nookers,

I'm an iPad user, but I'm very interested in some of the magazine subscriptions for B&N and the form factor of the iPad is just a little too big for comfortable bed time reading. So I'm looking at the Nook Color.

Is there a way to download books to the Nook by accessing the calibre content server web page?

Hey JPlumey.

I'm using my Nook Color with the calibre-content server on a regular basis. I have Calibre-server running on my Linux box and I use the Nook web browser to view the library and download books from the calibre-server. The Nook downloads the book into a separate Downloads area on the nook as just a regular epub file. You can access the epub files by going to Libary -> My Files -> My Downloads. The bad part is that the files just show as an inelegant epub filename; there's no cover to view. There's also no way (on the Nook itself) to move or re-organize the file once it's downloaded; in "My Downloads" is where it sits and where it stays. To delete files (as far as I know), you need to connect to a computer and use the file manager (Dolphin on my Ubuntu box; File Manager [presumably] on a Windows box) or the calibre program itself.

The one complication I ran into tonight after upgrading to the latest version of calibre is that the calibre-server is now serving content to my Nook Color as though the Nook Color is a mobile device (which, I suppose, technically, it is). However, I'd much rather see the full, non-mobile-device interface of the calibre-server on my Nook and I'm not (yet) sure how to force calibre-server to display non-mobile optimized pages to my Nook Color.

In any case, it's awesome to be able to use the calibre-server as a content delivery mechanism and it does work well on the Nook Color (within the Nook Colors limits; I still wish I could see the covers of the downloaded "My Files" media).

-- Tom
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