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Exclamation Re: Don't buy pocketbook reader - What?!?!?!

Originally Posted by Yar-PocketBooker View Post
Fragility of the screen pertains not only to PocketBook reader, all these screens for all kindles, sonys and nooks of the world are manufactured on the same two facilities in Asia and have the same fragility as any e-ink screen, because they are made from glass.
I always tell my customers to be very careful with readers not to break screens...
You know, I've been a Pocketbook fan ever since they became available here in North America. I wanted a large format ereader, and they were the first to hit the market with a great reader at a good price. Ideally, I wanted a touch-screen, but because I'd just broken my previous reader, I wanted something now and wasn't willing to wait for the 903. Since then, I've followed the Pocketbook and eReader forums pretty regularly, and I can't believe how self-centred or rude some of the forum members are. Firstly, the Pocketbook is my seventh ereader, I wore out two, broke the screens on three and passed one on to a friend. Since I bought my 902 at the beginning of December 2010, I have not had one single issue with it. I have done all the firmware updates, I've loaded just about every book format, and nothing has gone wrong. In addition, I've dropped it a couple of times, once hard enough to cause the back cover to fly off, and it still functions perfectly, but that's just luck.

No other ereader manufacturer offers a "broken screen" replacement warranty, why would you expect it of Pocketbook? Given their record for providing firmware updates and encouraging us to suggest improvements, I'd say they're far, far better than any of their competitors! The Sony PRS505 and the PRS700 I had didn't get updated once in the three years I owned them, but we've already had three firmware upgrades for the Pocketbook.

From what I read on these posts, seems to me that most people just want something for nothing, and have nothing better to do than complain without justification.

Sure, I'd like to see all the improvements we've requested in the next release, and I'd like that release to happen tomorrow, but be realistic. I've been involved in the firmware testing environment in the past, and it takes a long time to test each feature after each change to make sure nothing "broke" in the old functionality.

Stop griping and start encouraging instead. The old saying goes "you can can attract more flies with Honey than you can with vinegar", compliments and neutral comments will gain more than constant bitching and harping about the same thing over and over again.

Give it a rest, folks!
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