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Bought book from B&N, can I transfer book to Nook through USB?

Hi all,

My Aunt bought a Nook. She's not really computer savvy, so I'm not sure if this is just her not knowing how to use it, or if it's a true problem with her Nook. She's in Jamaica right now and says that before she left, she bought a book through B&N online. She wondered why it didn't go to her Nook automatically. I told her that she had to connect to wireless and "check for new content".

Anyway, she says "check for new content" doesn't show up, and I don't know if that's because she's not connected to wireless or she just doesn't know you have to swipe your finger up to get more options in the My Library section.

Is there any way she can get this book that she bought from B&N by simplying connecting her Nook with the USB cable instead of checking for new content via wireless?

Thanks so much,
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