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EA 800

Originally Posted by sunwillsetforyou View Post
Hello, I am High school student and I live in Thailand. I like to write science fictions with my hand writing and I don't want to waste paper for planning or solve mathematics problems.

EEE Note EA-800 [230$]
- Note-taking is the best
- 2 MP camera
- Music player
- Support PNG PDF...
- Browser
- It's still not to be brought, Next quarter of the year it will be in USA but still not in my country

For me I think the only thing that I picked this because Note-taking other features is poor

Sony PRS-600 [229.99$]
- Reading
- Handwriting (I think it's slow and I don't like it)
- and other features that I didn't write
- I can't buy it too

For me it's still not my point but it has better for other features

*In my country only few people that use e-reader so if I have to buy through ebay only and that may not support shipping

I most wanted Note-taking like this for long time but never to touch it because of no one import to my country

My question is
1. Which one should I buy?
2. Which way should I buy ebay or?

Sorry for my poor and bad english.

Thank you so much.

I have my EA 800 already. Good to be used for writing. NEVER compare to other Tablet. This is to REPLACE Note taking (paper).
Others...not so encouraged to buy.
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