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After another couple of hours of testing and trying, the process still fails for me during the last stage. I tried all kinds of combinations of the two jailbreaks, with and without NO_TTS option, with and without enlarged rootfs.img etc. Some observations:

- my final update bin seems to be quite small (320M). Is that normal? Or might the process of creating it be flawed invisibly (the log seems fine)?

- the tts-files.tar is always empty. any clues? (should, as far as I understood the process, not be a problem however)

- when I try to manually compile the create_updater bin (to include the trick used by qinbill), the fails with "[: 80: txt: unexpected operator" and "./ 80: Bad substitution" - any clues?

- I wonder if the whole problem might be that the root fs of the DXG is too small for the whole of K3, is that possible? Since the update seems to fail at about 60% (after two or three restarts of the progress bar, did not count precisely), I wonder if it might be some version of "disk full"...

- finally, I found out that sbin/ in extra.tar.gz in the create_updater calls "mntroot_rw" instead of "mntroot rw" towards the end. Might that cause the error?

I very much hope these reports are of any use to Yifan Lu, who did such a brilliant job so far - and I would love to see proper PDF on my DXG...
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