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Whimsical IPAD-Calibre/"content server"!


I have Calibre installed on both my IPAD and IPOD - all settings the same on both devices. On my IPOD, everything works great every single time: when I go to "get books" my Calibre library displays more-or-less instantly and I can download my books immediately. Not so on my IPAD...

The difficulties are variable:
- Sometimes when i try to get books, the "Computers Sharing Books" says "searching"...and nothing ever happens. So it can't even find my calibre library.
- On other occasions, this same window says "Books in calibre (on Owner-PC) - so it can find my library...but when I click, it just says "searching"...and eventually gives me a "times out" error message. Or it says "network unavailable". Or "network offline".
- On other WORKS!!! Hurray!!! But why?

What is going on? How do I fix this?

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