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Originally Posted by Caleb666 View Post
The only reason I'm considering the Touchscreen version is because of the keyboard. Using the dictionary, or searching for stuff without the stylus is going to be a pain in the ass using the virtual keyboard. You'll have to navigate to each key and press it.
Yeah, it's a tough choice but from some information I've read on Chinese websites there are some more things to be aware of :
- apparantly the M90 has "only" 1GB Flash, whereas the M91s has 2GB ?!
- the M91s however appears NOT to have a dictionary, so that could be a decider for some
- the Wifi + Touch will drain the battery faster and the Touch screen does need to be "On" all the time for it to be useful. Unclear how Wifi works but I assume it will only be turned on (hopefully automatically) during certain functions (like when the Web Browser is opened). That's something you really should test before buying because a Wifi connection takes some time to establish and it could be very annoying having to wait , say 15 seconds, before you can actually do anything with that web browser.

Either way a compromise must have been decided on for the M90 between Battery drainage and Comfort of Use so I hope they hit the sweet spot but it's hard to please everybody so it may very well come down to experimenting with the Setup Options.

What makes me hopeful about the device in general :
- I read that the white margins in PDFs can be automatically removed. If that works well it's a big plus feature. Most other eReaders fail to do this which makes for a serious waste of "Screen Estate"
- Also read about a test with a very heavy (500MB+ PDF on the device which actually performed better than on an iPad.

So... still hopeful that this is The One eReader device that CAN do PDFs comfortably.

The best picture of the M90/M91s I've found :

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