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Smile iPad custom dictionary to iBooks

Hi, this is my first try and it's working for German dictionary.

If I have time, I'll expand and simplify all this, especially the Step 2.

It's a little technical, ask for clarification.


1. First step - add the custom dictionary to iBooks 1.2.2
(based on :

I used (for Linux user, needless to say :-) :
- jaibreacked iPad fw 4.2.1
- Text editor> TextWrangler [Freeware for MAC]
- FTP GUI > Cyberduck [Open Source, Indie(=donate!) for Mac/Win]

Location of System Dictionaries on Mac 10.6.7: /Library/Dictionaries/

I have:
  • Apple Dictionary.dictionary
  • New Oxford American Dictionary.dictionary
  • OpenThesaurus Deutsch.dictionary
  • Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Daijisen.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary.dictionary
  • Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten.dictionary

Copy 'OpenThesaurus Deutsch.dictionary' to iPad System Dictionaries folder.

You can find the OpenThesaurus Deutsch here

Location of System Dictionaries on iPad : /Library/Dictionaries/

Modify iBooks .plist :

Find the application*:
> ssh root@
> root@'s password: ****
> cd /var/mobile/Applications/
> find . -iname ""
> ./03D95CB6-B29E-4326-9BD9-587ADEF6A6AD/
> cd 03D95CB6-B29E-4326-9BD9-587ADEF6A6AD/
or use iFile on the iOs device, but modify thing on iOs is horrible.

2. Second step - Change epub language

(based on
I'm modifying the News recipes epub produced by Calibre

Test script (after substitution of calligraphic to serious character, check it twice!), see the comment in the reference:

for file in *.epub ; do unzip "$file" content.opf && mv content.opf content.opf.bak && sed 's/\en\<\/dc\:language\>/\de\<\/dc\:language\>/' < content.opf.bak > content.opf && zip "$file" content.opf && rm -f content.* ; done

*I hate the 'app' word.
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