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Originally Posted by bosie View Post
care to share? i am after that too, especially in landscape mode.
I used the line from kranu's post, earlier in this same thread. Basically you set up the hotkey combination Shift+[YOURKEY] (where "YOURKEY" is any key of your choosing) to send a keystroke to the system.

In my case I used the FW_Right and FW_Left keys, located on the main keypad's 5-way controller. If you want to do it in Landscape mode, my guess is that you'd use FW_Up (or maybe k3_FW_Up, I'm not sure) and FW_Down instead.

When you install Launchpad, look at the keydefs.ini.default file (I'm at work right now but if memory serves, the file on your Kindle doesn't have the "default" extension, it's just "keydefs.ini"). This is where you'll get both the symbolic name and numeric command equivalent for each key. For example, we want to turn a page to the right, so that means we have to send the numeric command 191.

The file servicecmds.ini contains the scripts you can launch with the hotkey combinations. "Shift" is the hotkey start button, so it's just assumed. In my case the hotkey combo was Shift + FW_Right, so I added this line to the end of the file:

FW_Right = !echo "send 191">/proc/keypad
If you want to go back a page, just change the 191 to 193 as per the keydefs.ini.default file.

Note that there are timing requirements - check the launchpad.ini file for details.

Good luck!
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