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Device: Sony eReader PRS-500
No Battery and Other Problems.

I was reading on my Sony PRS-500 last night and all was cool. I plugged it into my computer usb port to recharge like I do every night for about an hour then turned off the computer.

This morning, it turns on and shows that there is no battery life and then shuts off. I plugged in the usb cable and it brings up the icon showing that it is charging, when I unplug it, it says "No Battery" and shuts off.

I soft reset it (by holding the reset button for 10 seconds) and get the same results. I hard reset it (by turning it on while pressing the mark button and the volume up button) and it gives me the prompt to reset it, but before I can press it, it shuts off.

I called Sony support and they blew me off. They said that since I cannot find my receipt, it is out of warranty. Aside from the fact the Sony support sucks and I am going to bad mouth them forever, does anybody know how to solve my problem?

Now, it just booted up with the usb cable connected and it sits at the "cable connected icon" and does nothing. If I disconnect the cable, it sits at the main menu and says "Loading" and freezes. It won't even shut off.


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