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La Luxure - A Human Vampire Novel

Edited 07/05/2011:

Well, I can't seem to edit the title for this thread, but for a limited time, La Luxure is almost free at the sexy summer price of only $0.99.

The novel is getting great reviews. Check 'em out at

So, please ignore the coupon code below. It won't work anymore.

Thanks for looking! Sorry the title's all wonky. I didn't want to start another thread and risk spamming the site.

end Edit

Until Wednesday, April 27, you may download a copy of La Luxure for free. Just use coupon code DG23F at checkout!


Level headed and practical, Julia Brown isn’t normally the kind of woman that runs around believing in vampires. But when she travels to New Orleans for a weeklong work conference and stumbles unwittingly into La Luxure, an underground blood-bar that caters to Human Live Vampires, she begins to question that assumption. After a patron of the bar turns up dead, she quickly becomes convinced the city is filled with actual, supernatural vampires.

And at the center of it all is Luxure's owner, Armand Laroque. A man she shares undeniable chemistry with, but one she can’t decide whether to be frightened of, attracted to, or both.

Warning: La Luxure is adult romance, with explicit language and graphic sex.

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