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Originally Posted by CRussel View Post
Did it prevent you in any way from buying the books? Is it relevant what domain the site is on? No, it is not relevant..
Totally relevant. I never purchased off .com. First time I bought off Amazon was when the .ca started selling more items.

It relevant because on one, I purchase paying in U.S. dollars on the other, I just purchase & free shipping to my address if I purchase over $35 or $40 dollars worth of stuff. Easy to do, with books

Originally Posted by ebusinesstutor View Post
So another possibility is to go with a tablet reader instead of a dedicated Kindle device.
Yes, I would LOVE a Blackberry Playbook! Can't afford it. Maybe some day when they come down to a more sane price level. Consumers shouldn't support the price being charged for these devices but that's another topic altogether lol

One reason I was thinking of the Kobo, the price is less than $150. Not sure I love the complains on the button used for turning pages, though

Yar-Pocketbooker.. thank you for the link!

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