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I have indeed ghosted through both the wiki and the device-specific parts of the forum, but apart from coming to the conclusions that a lot of the various ereaders _sound_ just great, but when I take a closer look (instruction manuals or just on the forum itself) they don't quite seem to deliver when it comes to Word documents, I haven’t really gotten anywhere. Which is why I am hoping some suggestions from members with experience with ereaders might steer me in the right direction, or at least help me narrow the field a bit.

I wouldn't know really, only that for instance the iRiver was supposed to be able to handle DOC and TEXT, but according to that section of the forum that isn't really the case anymore. There is also the Sony where the specs say that it will handle Word, but when you take a closer look at the instruction manual it becomes clear that it doesn't really. Hopefully someone else on this forum reads Word documents on their device and feels like sharing, because it does rather seem that the device specs on at least some models can’t be entirely trusted.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will certainly look into those. As much as I would really truly love to be able to read my doujinshi this way (just jpeg/jpg and png, by the way, I have nothing in cbz), I have started to wonder if perhaps I will have to give up on that and try for something in the 7" range that can handle DOC well. It would still feel a bit small to me but hopefully I would get used to it... a somewhat larger device that could do both would have been ideal, especially since I doubt I'd be able to buy another ereader for a good long time, but perhaps I'm asking for too much?
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