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Wifi is only a good feature when the energy consumption can be reduced to zero when not switched on. Else this feature defeats one of the main advantages of an e-book reader, the low energy consumption and through this: long battery life.

Touch screens can provide more intuitive user interfaces and give an added extra with the possibility to make annotations.
Again this comes at a price in both price-tag and energy consumption/ battery life.
Most of the touch screens have a more reflective screen as well, making them harder to read in sunlight. I don't know if this is the case with the Neo, as I have only made a comparison in artificial light.
I have bought the Club instead of the Neo for these reasons.

Both the Neo and the Club have excellent file-format support compared to their competitors.
I do like the form-factor of the Oyo

Cons for the Club:
- I still think it's a shame not to take advantage of the new eInk Pearl technology, resulting in a grey-ish background that can result in a contrast which is too low to read comfortably, This goes especially for PDF's.
This will of course result in a (slightly) higher price-tag, but the quality and usability would have been higher.

- The page flipping buttons require quite a hard press to react properly plus they are a bit small, resulting in an awkward hand position for some while operating the buttons.
I would have made them higher (seen from portrait perspective) and would have moved the menu buttons (back, home) more to the top of the device

- All the buttons make a distracting 'click' sound.

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