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jorlin began at the beginning.
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First of all: Thanks for all the helpful replies.
I already feel at home in this forum, even though I have just joined.
Thanks to Zetmolm I now have a useful workaround

Originally Posted by Stormchild View Post
Unfortunately it is not possible to user select the font for Epub/PDF without recoding the books. Well not easily. The firmware uses Adobe Reader which prevents this. There are alternatives but the simple answer is get your books already in Japanese or use another format.
The link I have included in my First post points to a Japanese ePub, as does the freely available A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar
, so I am afraid that answer doesn't describe a solution, thanks for the suggestion and thinking with me though.

Forcing fbreader on it by converting it into .fb2 or .mobi format?
Hmm, interesting suggestion, result(conversion through Calibre):
-mobi: works!
-fb2: works!
-mobi: works!
-fb2: works!
Note that in the tae-kim document tables are messed up in both mobi and fb2-format.
The table works fine in the original ePub, apart from the slight inconvenience that all the characters are missing...
nevertheless, so much for this!
I guess I was too stubborn to forsake my favorite file-format.
You helped me over that hump.

So what it boils down to is this:
The regression is fortunately limited to ePub format only, which means that I can take advantage of the better battery life and .cbz-support, while still being able to read my JP books after conversion.
I can live with that just fine, while waiting for the firmware version that will fix this.

I'll post this workaround on all the forums that I've queried so far, so that other students of Japanese might benefit from this :-)

>I might try updating again with MS Mincho included
The basic flaw of both these test-files might be that they assumed the presence of MS Mincho, while omitting a more general fallback solution to font family instead.
I might look into this once I delve deeper in the structure of the ePub-format.
During a quick search through all the files contained in the ePub, I could not find any explicit reference to MS Mincho. Still, I might have missed something. Any pointers are welcome.


Kind Regards,


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