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Has someone already received a M90 and done a review


Onyx has promised that for the early birders they will get their Boox M90 before or on 15 april. So I was wondering if someone on mobileread has already received a Boox M90 and have done a review or put some video's on you tube. I know of one video that compares the M90 with the kindle dx but this did not give much info about the M90. I myself own a kindle dxg and find it lacking in the support for pdf so I was looking for either the Pocket Book 903 or the Boox M90. What interest me is :
- support for pdf , zooming, reflow, margin management and annotations.
- support for other formats mobi, epub ...
- performance of the device (pdf, using the pen for annotation etc ..)
- it seems that a lot of software is installed on this device, how stabile is the software.
- As a developer, is there a sdk available and what is the os (I thought linux)
- other people want to know probably other info about the device, but I'm particullary interested in info from someone who has already hands on experience with the device.

I know I ask for a lot but anyhow thanks a lot in advance

Best greeting

Marc Mertens
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