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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post

I'll add a couple more plugin ideas here so I don't forget them...
  • I mentioned on another thread an idea for a "Tag Cleaner". It would use a similar approach to that in the Goodreads Metadata download plugin of defining a mapping between input tags and tags you want to use in your library. You would have a gui allowing you to customise and control which tags map to each and discard any you do not have a mapping for. It would work across metadata sources (including the ability to remap the Goodreads tags) as you would do it as a separate step after your normal Ctrl+D download. So if you are frustrated with getting a dozen variants of "sci-fi, scifi, science fiction" this would automatically resolve them rather than manually retyping the tags yourself.
Sorry kiwidude, looks like you were thinking along these lines already! (see my previous post)

would be an awesome idea...that's my $0.02.

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