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Hello and thank you, Filark

Your suggestion about the enTourage eDGe sounds interesting, unfortunately a quick search around the net showed me that it is no longer available in my part of the world, and in fact the only place known to have sold it shut down ages ago. (They were pricey, too - for the price they had on them I'd get a couple of iPads or the more expensive big-screen ereaders today XD )
I've read a bit about the Sony ereaders (not sure which one, just that it comes recommended by many), but from what I understand when the specs say that it is able to read DOC format what it actually means is that the DOC files get exported into another file type onto the device, which isn't really what I'm after as you can imagine. It is indeed a bit small with the 7" screen, but I'd at least consider it given how happy a lot of people seem to be with theirs, if it read Word documents as they are, so to speak.

Yes, I guess wanting a bigger than 6" screen and memory card is rather specific and makes it a bit tricky... somehow though I have to say that it is a bit disappointing that wanting to read DOC and JPEG also makes it tricky. It is after all hard to get more basic than that, so it is a bit saddening to realise how few ereaders actually seem able to handle these formats. Perhaps one of the new models on the horizon look more promising for this?

Also, the iRiver was just an example, as it is a cheaper and widely sold device where I live. Basically I just meant that anything that costs somewhere in the range of, say, a Kindle or an iPad I'd have to spend quite some time saving up for, and I would hope to know beforehand in that case whether it -whatever device it would be- actually did the things I wanted it to. ^-^
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