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Originally Posted by Molly983 View Post
I know, my manual says that too. The unit just wont comply. Very weird. I was so convinced the button is faulty except it works wen using it for normal typing. Oh well. It gives me a headache thinking about it for too long!

The good news is that bookmarks now work!! yay!

It just appeared all of a sudden. Cant say how or why because i was messing around with it and I don't no exactly what i did.

Thanx for the help! I'm open to any suggestions,

Hi Molly,

I have no problems with either favourites or bookmarks. I'm running 1.86 firmware (preloaded from the shop) on normal Story (not touch sensitive Cover Story). When I turn on the device, there is a little star on the right of each book. This star is normally empty (only outlined), when I select some title and press "space", the star becomes full (dark) and the title is added to favourites. Then I activate favs from option menu and only the chosen ones are there.
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