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Thanks for your reply; good to have an answer from a native Japanese person.
I have the following Fonts installed:
*Adobe Heiti Std.
*Adobe Ming std.
Adobe Myungjo std.
*Bitstream Vera Sans, Sams Mono, Serif
Courier Std.
*Dejavu Sans, Sans Mono, Serif
Minion Pro
Myriad Pro
*Ryo Gothic PlusN
Symbol Std.
I believe that the fonts marked with an asterisk(*) above all have support for Japanese. I am not sure about Minion/ Myriad, they might also include kana and/ or kanji.
There's one problem though, no matter how many fonts I'll install, this list only seems to represent fonts selectable for menu use, not for ePub/ PDF use.
I might try updating again with MS Mincho included, provided that I can find it.
A working V5 or V3 fro Japanese does not seem to be related to my device as Stormchild pointed out that it is from the same family as the Onyx.

Thanks for finding out that the Onyx X60S and Bebook Club are of the same family.


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