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What would be best for Word-documents?

Forgive a newcomer for getting right to the point: I need some advice as I am thinking of getting my first ereader. Iíve been reading a lot on this forum and others, but Iím only getting more confused as to what I should do.

What I need is a device with a decent screen, preferably of the larger types since 6Ē is a bit too small for me, that is good for reading Word and text documents as well as jpg and png. To simply be able to load up a memorycard or similar with my extensive Word library and manga collection and plug it into the device is also rather important.

Can anyone give me some advice as to what might work?

It doesnít have to be an eink screen, I donít need Wifi or to be able to buy books with it, it doesnít need to be able to handle sunlight, the device being bulky is not a problem, neither is short battery time as long as Iíd get at least a couple of hours worth of reading before needing to recharge it... I basically just want to be able to use it to read during my many sleepless nights.

(I imagine though that decent performance in readability, both for text and images, and the time it takes to ďturn the pageĒ is quite important, since I've read a lot of posts mentioning that.)

Price is an issue, anything more expensive than an iRiver Cover Story is going to have to be something Iíd save up to get, which makes it rather important that I donít buy something that ends up not being what I need.
Any help is very much appreciated.
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