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Question [Kindle 3] - Is it possible to turn a single page with the main keyboard?

I'm trying to create an alternate keyboard for the Kindle 3 for disabled individuals who might not be able to use the standard factory keyboard. The main keypad is routed to the motherboard through a large 20-pin connector. The dedicated page turn buttons however, are routed to the motherboard through a painfully tiny 6-pin connector, which has proven especially difficult to intercept. I've started a blog for the project, where you can see pictures of what I'm trying to do if you're interested.

I have been able to map all the signals routed through the 20-pin connector, which allows me to mimic all the basic functionality of the main keypad. This actually works very well, except for one thing: I can't turn an individual page.

I can mimic all the buttons on the front panel, which means I have control over the 5-way keypad and all the typing functions. This allows me to make notes and select things from menus, but the 5-way only allows you to jump to the next chapter - it won't turn a single page.

I've tried all the obvious combinations and searched every forum post I could find, but have come up dry. I'm hoping you guys can help. Do you know of any way to turn a single page using only the buttons on the main keypad?

Thanks in advance!
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