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Question Bebook Club: No Japanese chars after update to Firmware 1.5.120110224

Dear forum members,
I've bought a new Bebook Club (Hanlin V3) last week.
When I bought the device it was furnished with Firmware 1.420100625
I was delighted that I could read my Japanese ePub files on it, something no other reader in that store managed to do.
BTW, all my files are on SD, not the internal memory.
At home I excitedly followed the instructions and surfed to to download the latest firmware, which would have .cbz-support and greater battery life.
Needless to say I checked to see if I there were any files on the internal memory, so that I might make a backup before upgrading the firmware.
No files were visible, so I went ahead with the upgrade (marked MARCH2011)
Sure enough, after the upgrade my .cbz-manga's were readable

A sad by-effect of the upgrade however was that my Japanese ePub-files became unreadable, showing only placeholders, shown as diagonally crossed rectangles where the Japanese symbol had been using Firmware 1.420100625
Because I'm learning Japanese right now, I need the ability to read Japanese files. I would gladly downgrade to get that back.
A support request to the Bebook support team, was quickly answered with:
Unfortunately we do not have a link to the first version available online. We ask you to be patient and to wait for the next update that should be launched soon.

1- Does anyone have a solution for this problem using the current firmware?
(I'm a Linux guy who is quite comfortable with editing config. files and alike)
2- Does anyone here on the forum still have the old 1.420100625 firmware, or another firmware that allows one to read Japanese ePubs?
This freely downloadable sample JP ePub to check if it will work.

On a sidenote:
The latest V3 firmware update from Hanlin itself, dating 2009-11-24, clearly states that:
"2.This version does not support PDF files in Chinese, Japanese and Korean."
It says nothing about ePub files, still this development is worrying.

Thanks in advance,

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