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Originally Posted by gwynevans View Post
> 1) the "author sort" field on libprs500 is not used (only for libprs500 GUI)

That's a bit odd, as surely there's some reason for having the two fields in the first place?

> 2) author data changed using lrf-meta is not used if using libprs500 to put the ebooks on so ignore using it.

Remember libprs500 stores it's lrf 'files' internally, so I expect you'd need to re-import the modified file before writing it out to the device?
For the first question it seems it is used so you can sort the authors in libprs500's GUI which is a great function but I was pointing out it seems not used for the 505 itself.

For the second question I found that even if you use lrf-meta and then re-import (I did this with over 50 ebooks) the effect was NIL (boo hoo - I wasted a few hours). This is because libprs500 picked up the author field in my case and shoved that to the 505 regardless - this is a GREAT feature of libprs500! Makes everything easy.

if you put the ebooks across yourself then I imagine lrf-meta must work.

Does that all make sense?

For virus checking you may wish to use Clamwin which is free.

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