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Loeffel began at the beginning.
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I took your plugin and modified it, so it can be used for the Kindle (not that easy without knowing Python). Perhaps there is an interest in my changes, then I would send them to you for checking them.
Caution!:The Kindle does not support this without jailbreaking it and installing the screensaver mod!

The change I made does the following:
  • Resize the picture with or without looking for the aspect ratio
  • make sure the Kindle resets after disconnecting from the PC, so that the pictures are used
  • create a unique name so that many files can be used at once

Changes I am interested in (perhaps I manage this):
  • use the book title as picture name
  • check if the Kindle is jailbreaked (then the folder with the pictures doesn't exist)
  • a message, when the Kindle isn't jailbreaked with a warning about doing it and a link where to find informations about it

As I wrote, the Kindle must be jailbreaked, so I can't say if this plugin mod would be allowed here at all. I would say yes, as far as I remember, I found the jailbreak here. The pictures are saved as jpg, as the Kindle can't use bmp files as screensaver pictures.
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