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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
As theducks says, getting your Series column in Calibre populated correctly is the key to the best approach.

You might be interested in the Manage Series plugin to assist with that. That will let you drag/drop books into whatever order you like with the intent of setting the series column value correctly. It is just a more powerful/flexible alternative to manually typing in series values or using the edit metadata dialogs.

Once you have done that, then you look to how to order them correctly on your Kindle. The approach I use is with the Metadata plugboards feature (Preferences->Metadata plugboards). Look on the forums, there are examples for Kindle in the sticky thread. I setup a plugboard which means the title metadata inside the book stored on the kindle has series prefixed before it, so you can sort by it. In my case the plugboard I use is this one:
{series:|| }{series_index:0>2s|[|] - }{title}

So I get titles appearing on the Kindle like this:
The First Law [1] - The Heroes

Hope that helps.
I have followed Kiwi's suggestion on using a plugboard to prepend the series data to the title on the Kindle display. That way the search the Internet plugin works since the title on Calibre is the title without any additional coding.

However I have one small problem with the template as Kiwi has it. One of my series is "The Chronicles of Narnia". If I use that as the series name on the Kindle I get seven books with a title similar to "The Chronicles of Narnia [01] Th". The series name is too long.

I fixed it by creating a custom column heading of "Series Code" with a type of "Text column for keeping series-like information" and a lookup name of "series_code". This will also create another custom column called "Series Code Index". My template is
"{#seriesname:|| }{#seriesname_index:0>2s|[|] - }{title}"
(all without the quote marks).

Using the value of CN as the series code the Kindle displays the book as "CN [01] - The Lion, The Witch and th". Still missing part because the title is so long but much better than before. Also remember you have to place the correct numeric value in the Series Code index.

Thank you Kiwi for the help. Now if you could only let me know what the next Powerball numbers are I would be an extremely happy camper.
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