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Calibre Content Server and Windows Home Server 2011

I’ve been trying to integrate Calibre Content Server with Windows Home Server 2011.

WHS 2011 has default web sites of “Site” which does not require authentication and “Remote” which does require authentication.

To begin with I created a folder “Calibre” under “Sites” and the created the necessary rules in (IIS) URL Rewrite as detailed in the Calibre manual.
When I browse to “” I get the Calibre Content Server page, everything works fine and I can browse by Publisher, Authors, All Books etc.

This is great for internal home use but to enable access from the web, users need to be authenticated.

So I moved the “Site\Calibre” directory to “Remote\Calibre” and adjusted the URL Rewrite rules to match.
I can now browse to “” remotely and log on to the WHS.
When I browse to “” I get the Calibre Content Server home page and I can browse by Authors, Ratings, Publishers, Tags and Series as before.

… however when I try to browse to All Books or Newest I get an “Errorarseerror” message.

Anybody got any ideas what this issue might be?

When using the “Remote” default site I needed to create a “Remote\Calibre\Browse directory to make the Content Server “Home” button work. I initially thought this was a hint that the issue may be related to permissions in the “Remote\Calibre” directory but if that were the case surly I should not be able to browse by all the other categories???
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