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Kindle DX Int'l for experiments...

My Kindle DX got more or less bricked when I recieved the update to 2.5.8: No 3G connection, no Alt-311 page, On Alt-411 is the radio serial line empty, and a search for ';dma' does not created the logfiles in the /documents directory (as it should). So I was entitled to a replacement, it should arrive today...

But, I also recieved an email, that I should not send the old one back, just 'properly dispose' it...

It is more or less working: the 3G is broken, but I can send documents to it through USB and read them. And it seems that I can't create and use collections.

So, what are the possibilities to experiment with it? I am not interested in getting the SIM to work, but if I can put some firmware on which enables me to use collections again, it would be fine: my wife then gets a Kindle for her own... :-)

Any ideas?
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