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Seeking good app for reading recipes (html & rtf)

I recently acquired a Dell Streak (5") and love it for reading. Aldiko works perfectly for my needs. However, I also want to use it in the kitchen for reading recipes.

Around 90% of my recipes are html files downloaded for and similar sites, and the rest are rtf files of my own recipes. They are organized in folders. What's a good app for reading these. I'm currently using Cool Reader, which reads both rtf and html files, but the html files are formatted really ugly and when I set it to scroll rather than flip pages, it screws up the text. I'd dearly love a better option.

If necessary, I can go and covert all my rtf recipes to html, which would be a fair amount of work, but far easier than doing the reverse. In any case, whatever app I use, it needs to be able to navigate the folders of my recipe file, rather than sorting all the recipes onto its book shelf (like Aldiko does).

Is there an app people would recommend?
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