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I have a reasonable number of such technical books on my Kindle, all ebooks in PDF formats, which Kindle converts reasonable well, but there is software available which will convert PDFs to HTML which might look better. The advantage of having these on your Kindle is that the search looks at ALL books on your Kindle, not just one as most search programs do. And this is very important with tech books, since often you don't really know where to search.

But for me, the weight savings is critical. I don't throw away my original ebooks, just keeping them in less handy locations where I can find them again if I really have to. But to date I've never wanted to look at one of my "archive" books, which are all printed and in 3-ring binders, but I just can't see discarding them. But in the future, I will cease printing them, and just keep the archive version on my hard drive (I have two terabytes of storage on my home server), using the Kindle version instead of the printed version.

Of course I have an 8 GB Sandisk Ultra II SDHC memory card, which gives me the capacity to store thousands of books on my Kindle. So far I've only used 0.3 GB of this storage. By year end Sandisk has annouced they will have a 32 GB version, which boggles my mind as to how many books it can store. Today my home directory already has 30 pages of entries, but I've heard Kindle will try to make this better for users.

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