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Content server apache reverse proxy issue

Hi Folks

I am running UniServer (a nice WAMP package) as my home server and I use reverse proxies for a bunch of apps so that I can have nice, neat navigation to my server using simple URLs and everything over only one open port 80.

I am trying to add calibre this same was as http://servername/books/

I am using the following Location directive:

<Location /books/>
    order deny,allow
    deny from all
    allow from all
    ProxyPass http://localhost:19553/
    ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:19553/
...this works for my other apps (sickbeard, sabnzbd etc)....but I can't quite get it to work for Calibre with the above. I get to the Calibre front page but the CSS is clearly not loading, I just get raw html text (Mobile/Old/etc).

I am running the server as:

"C:\Program Files\Calibre2\calibre-server.exe" --with-library "K:\Calibre Library" --port 19553 --username BookLibrary --password XXX

Any ideas?? I can reach the calibre server remotely fine using the classic http://servername:19553/ and can also reach it on the server via localhost:19553

Thanks in advance for any help! I am by no means an Apache guru but I haev 4 or 5 other apps running this way ok....
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