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How to create your own mobipocket dictionary for any language:

I was very gratefull to Adam B for porting the Stardict dictonary tool for the Iliad, but I allways longed for the kind of instant lookup, which is possible from mobipocket. Unfortunately mobipocket dictionaries are not available for more exotic languages, so I allways wanted to create my own mobipocket dictionaries. It seems I have now found a solution:

First you need to get hold of a tab delimited dictionary file. (example. dictionary.txt)

(Stardict dictionary files are available from:
These can be converted into a tab delimited file by the stardict editor programe, which you can find here: )

Once you have such a file, use from
This is a free python script by Petr Klokan, so you’ll need python isntalled.

Type dictionary.txt into the command line to run the script.

This will give you a dictionary.opf file, and a number of dictionary0.html files

Edit the dictionary.opf file, to specify the name of the dictionary, and the impot output languages.

Get mobigen.exe form -

Extract mobigen exe

Run mobigen.exe dictionary.opf

If you did everything right, you’ll get which’ll be the desired mobipocket dictionary.


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