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Kiwidude, first of all THANK YOU for such an awesome plugin!!

I just wanted to revisit something from earlier in this thread:

Originally Posted by jesscat View Post

But something I do very frequently (just to give you some idea of how at least one person uses Goodreads!), in fact every time I finish a book, is to change it from "to-read" to "read" and at the same time fill in the "Date Read" column (both custom Calibre columns) (if I were a big user of ratings, I might at the same time also fill in the ratings field). Since I also use GR, I am in the habit of making those same changes in GR at the same time, to the "read" shelf and the Date Read field, when I finish a book.

In my ideal world, the plug-in would permit me to make these changes in Calibre and then export them to GR, so I don't have to replicate them in GR myself.
I am still pretty new to GR, but I prefer to treat Calibre as my MASTER file, and GR as more of a "cloud" backup. I just wondered if you have given any more thought to adding the option to upload the ratings/read date etc. into GR?

Also please help my little pea brain understand: When adding a new book to Calibre and then linking to GR, how do I choose/determine which format I am linking to (paperback vs Kindle vs ebook etc). (Yes I'm OCD enough that it matters)
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