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New very minor release. Had to do my taxes this weekend : 0 Thanks for the feedback, CWat, Ta*, grump et al.

Tarr, Grumpy3b: I added the hover over a cover and it pops up without a click. Click outside the popup or just hover over any small cover outside the popup and it goes away.

Tarr, the current classifications are Amzn with some tweaking. They are not the best, a reason why browsing about on amzn sorta sucks. Which is the problem I want to address.

In fact my main driver was to offer an alternative and hopefully superior book ontology. Richer and deeper. In SciFi, Punk, Cyperpunk, Steampunk etc... I know how to do it. But writing a smart classifier based off of book descriptions would definitely take some time. But I really want to get there. I'll put up a TM blurb as well.

Going to leave UI for awhile and add some new features. Current plans are:

1) Separate tab to see current 100 best sellers, 100 new release, 100 movers and shakers for each genre.
2) Save a book for later. You'll have a separate tab with a grid with all your saved for later books.
3) Keyword Search. Again separate tab with a simple google like text search field. Results displayed in the grid of covers just like in the current browse tab.

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