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Thanks man, I was a die hard FF fan but I tried Chrome side by side with FF4 and ended up switching. Anyways, you'd think Amazon would have something to make it easier for kindle users but they don't so thank goodness you're here t fix it. It's VERY useful and I love it.

As a note, and I really doubt it should matter in the slightest since it's as of yet a small userbase, you might want to throw in a note on the main page about the trademarked logos belonging to their respective owners and that whole bunch of garbage. The 007 logo is the only one that I think is trademarked but just throwing it out there.

I wouldn't change the default size of the thumbnails because of the limiting you'd get for books per page but some books layout and cover design make it harder to read at the current size and while I can just click would it be feasible to add some on mouse-over zoom feature for convenience?

Just noticed Religion as a refinement under Sci-Fi. Is this based on Amazons tags? This might offend some folks as it clearly goes under Fantasy. (Unless it's Scientology) I kid I kid, but ya, out of place I think.

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