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I'm trying to build sth. like a advanced catalog of my ebook collection. So if someone else (like girlfriend whatsoever) is curios what I have interesting to read the one could just scroll through this list. Like in old days checking the shelf in a friends room.

So instead of just a boring excel-list with titles, it would be splendid to have something like a .jpg, with the cover on the left half and the book description as plain text on the right side of this picture. And this for every book which is marked. So one could take those .jpgs, put them on a ~cheap electronic frame or build a website, where others can flip through your collection.
I know, I could just use the calibre screen, but then you need a laptop running and so on.

I don't know, if s.o. else could use sth. like that, or if it's already possible to create sth. like this. All the information is already in calibre, but it's a bit tedious to create it by hand. I just couldn't figure out. So maybe it's worth a shot here^^.
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