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I have books for a wide area of sources. Unfortunately the filename isn't setup the same way on every file. The metadata is mostly a pain, author and title exchanged, sometime both in one field, no series and so on. So I decided, to take these information from the name of the file.
Ok, until this point no problem, I've defined different regex strings for importing. Now it would be usefull to have an

Import plugin
  • choose the files to import
  • import single, multiple files or the content of a whole folder
  • select import regex (best with descriptive names)
  • select if name and surname should be exchanged

It would be fine if it could be build into Calibre as option to switch on and off, but I think a plugin would be better as this wouldn't be interesting for many people.
I would write it by myself, but I have never programmed in Phyton and it would need some time to learn so I could program such a plugin.
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